Our Story

Supernatural began in earnest two years ago when we set about pairing our belief in the transformational potential of VR, with the idea of a daily fitness service that could provide the fun and excitement of competitive athletics without the boredom and repetition associated with traditional exercise routines.

We knew we weren’t alone in our dissatisfaction with many of the existing available gym and in-home fitness choices, like rowing, running and cycling in place, so we set out to create a virtual world that could transport users to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world to engage in heart-thumping, high-intensity workouts that would leave people energized, exhilarated and sweating.

To do this we gathered a team of the most experienced and passionate choreographers, game developers, trainers and physical fitness experts, to create a dynamic, immersive, experience that is always changing, personalized for you, and available on demand, in your home.

We hope, like us, you will see firsthand the physical and mental benefits it has, whether you do it once a week or everyday.